NopCommerce 2.0 change logo and “Store name here” copyright

On NopCommerce 2.0 front end public store, there is a default NopCommerce logo on upper left side and “Copyright © 2011 Store name here. All rights reserved.” on bottom right side footer.

1. Change default NopCommerce logo

The razor code is located in Nop.Web/Views/Shared/Header.cshtml and it looks like <a href=”@storeLocation”>&nbsp; </a>.

The css code is located in Nop.Web/Themes/DarkOrange/Content/styles.css and Nop.Web/Themes/nopClassic/Content/styles.css, the css code looks like



background: url(‘images/logo.gif’);

display: block;

width: 225px;

height: 60px;

text-decoration: none;


The background image is located in Nop.Web/Themes/DarkOrange/Content/images/logo.gifand Nop.Web/Themes/nopClassic/Content/images/logo.gif

2. Change copyright

The razor code is located in Nop.Web/Views/Shared/Footer.cshtml and it looks like


        @T(“Content.CopyrightNotice”, DateTime.Now.Year.ToString(), “Store name here”)