Dynamics CRM 2011 Portal Development – CrmHyperLink

Dynamics CRM 2011 Portal Development

Use the CrmHyperLink control to create a link to another Web page within your CRM portal. The “URL” is consists of “partial url property” of “Web Page entity”. The CrmHyperLink control is typically displayed as “text” specified by the “name” property of “Web Page” entity.

Microsoft.Xrm.Portal.Web.UI.WebControls.CrmHyperLink inherent from System.Web.UI.WebControls.HyperLink and expose three extra properties; PortalName, SiteMarkerName and QueryString.

PortalName  is checked against configured portals in the web.config file.

 <add name="Customer Portal"/>

This value should be the value of Name attribute (adx_name) of Website entity (adx_website) contained in portalbase solution.

Assume we have the following website created in CRM

two portals configured in web.config for each website inside CRM

 <add name="Customer Portal"/>
 <add name="Test Portal"/>

SiteMarkerName is the value of Name attribute (adx_name) of Site Marker entity (adx_sitemarker) contained in portalbase solution.

QueryString value will be appended to the rendered url as query string.

The Web Page (adx_webpage) entity (related to the Site Marker entity (adx_sitemarker) with the name specified) will be retrieved from CRM first, and the Partial Url (adx_partialurl) attribute value will be used to construct the URL.


The following markup

<crm:CrmHyperLink ID="CrmHyperLink1" runat="server" SiteMarkerName="KB Article" />

will be rendered as

<a id="Content_CrmHyperLink1" href="/knowledge-base/article">KB Article</a>



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